Informed by the Suffolk countryside around me, and the Hampshire landscape of my childhood, my
work is about my experience of landscape and the feelings evoked.

Daily walks provide material; usually collected and/or recorded in drawings. Studio process and
memory play a large part in the paintings, often resulting in a degree of abstraction. Stones from the beach and ploughed fields are a rich source. The history of their formation and the held memories of long ago events that they carry are endlessly fascinating. I am always
searching for a duality of surprise and recognition, hoping to find that ‘something’ I didn’t quite
know I was looking for.

Drawn to the tangled complexities of nature, a specific hedge near my home has been the
focus for detailed watercolours. I enjoy the close scrutiny of botanical detail that these
require. Some of these works take the form of the Leporello. I feel that the unfolding nature of the
book mirrors the pace and rhythm of walking.